Abandoned companions

out now on iTunes, spotify, and in handcrafted leather-bound songbooks


 Thoughts about Abandoned Companions and The Abandoned Companions Companion Piece

Peterborough-born, Hamilton-based singer/songwriter Dave McEathron is primarily known as the driving force behind the Warped 45s, a Toronto roots-rock combo that deserved a better fate for the two superb albums they released almost a decade ago.

He returns to the fray with a second solo album that reaffirms he is a major talent. The release is actually two CDs, the folk-rock based Abandoned Companions and an EP titled The Abandoned Companions Companion Piece that is more roots-rock in sound.
McEathron possesses a somewhat yearning voice that always sounds authentic to its core, and his skilled wordsmithery also catches the ear.
Of note is the packaging, featuring stitched leather and fabric covers personally crafted by McEathron with the attention to detail displayed in his compositions. It takes a few spins for the subtle joys of these songs to really sink in, but that is time well spent.
— Kerry Doole, Exclaim!
Dave McEathron is a craftsman, not only of materials, but of songs and lyrics, with each track on Abandoned Companions exhibiting the mark of dedication and craftsmanship. McEathron’s songs are all about storytelling. Surrounded by acoustic instruments and vocal harmonies, McEathron paints vivid pictures of life and emotions. Utilizing acoustic guitars, mandolins and violins, augmented with bass and drums for some tracks, the feel and style is varied. McEathron’s strong story-lines keeps the project together and provides for a solid listen. A true heartfelt expression from a man that rediscovers his true love and passion with his resurgence into the music scene with Abandoned Companions along with a roots rock EP titled The Abandoned Companions Companion Piece is a welcomed homecoming for a revered front-man, who has found his renewed companion in music.
— Seamus Fitzpatrick, Staccatofy
The first thing you’ll notice when you see this CD is the unique, hand-tooled leather packaging. This and the bound liner notes within are hints at the dedication to craft that is seen not only in the unusual package but also heard in the songs themselves.....
Authenticity is a word that gets tossed around a lot these days but everything about this project is authentic, relatable, and real.
— Tanya Corbin, Penguin Eggs Magazine